Physical health: Know its importance

Physical health: Know its importance

Johanna Burgos

As we already know, physical health and mental health have been components today, presented mostly in young people caused by stress, problems at home, among others. But despite that, what happens when we neglect physical health?

Physical health is nothing more than the well-being of the body and the optimal functioning of the organism, which are in good physical, mental, and emotional condition. in the same way

But why is it important that we have an active physical health? to prevent our body from functioning naturally and not being affected by diseases. Physical activity contributes to the prolongation of life and its improvement in quality, through physiological, psychological and social benefits.

Likewise, the WHO defines physical activity as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles, with the consequent consumption of energy.

For the same reason it is recommended that people exercise daily, eat healthy to avoid disorders and physical discomfort.

However, to maintain active physical health it is necessary to change habits, meals, and start doing things that favor our body. Within this, to have good comprehensive health, it is necessary to take care of our diet.
, reduce drinking alcohol, change or quit smoking, exercise frequently during the week, take care of our personal hygiene, and rest well for at least 8 hours of sleep. Drinking water is another essential element to improve our physical health and stay hydrated.

Physical health is essential for our daily lives, thus generating benefits such as:
● A life without serious illness
● Helps to have a long life
● A dignified and quality life in all its stages
● Strength and physical strength to live life

Bearing in mind that approximately more than a billion people in the world suffer from obesity, due to poor diet and often due to their metabolism where it affects physical health. The United States represents one of the countries where more people suffer from this disease, and this is due, as we mentioned above, to the neglect of diet and physical health. And this not only implies how we look physically, it implies the underlying diseases that can be linked, such as hypertension, cardiac arrest, high and low blood pressure, high blood sugar, among others.

That is why and for more that we must maintain stable physical health, leaving behind routines that generate poor stability in our body and obtaining new habits such as giving up cigarettes, sweets, tobacco, hookahs and everything that causes internal and physical damage. to our body.

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