Teach, Inspire, Share and Move the World

Teach, Inspire, Share and Move the World

By Vandon Tricamo, Certified Personal Trainer, Moon Dragon Fitness

Do you remember someone you look up to? Can you reflect on a teacher or mentor who inspired you? Those people are our wizards and mages. The teachers pointing the way towards our destiny are the pivotal points in our adventure. They give us courage and challenge the way we look at things. These people are pure magic, but they have one lesson often overlooked… someday, we must be them. Eventually we must step out of the shadow and become teachers ourselves. Sharing what we have to help others. 

No matter where you are in your capacity, there is someone who could benefit from the level you are at. If you can progressively move someone along to better understand how to achieve their goals, you should not shrink from the moment. Often we think we must be exemplars of perfection before we can assert the confidence of a teacher. A poisonous trend of ridicule in our culture perpetuates this fallacy. Fear of being ‘called out’ as not good enough stomps out so much potential. I am not an Arnold Schwarzenegger but that does not mean i cannot help someone become one. I am not a Bruce Lee but I can provide martial arts training that can benefit even practitioners of many years. Cus D’Amato crafted the skills of Mike Tyson, yet he never looked or fought like Tyson. You have to start somewhere. We must not be greedy with our skills or hesitant to offer them because we may think we are not good enough. 

Teaching is also being the student. I learned a great deal more about my martial arts when I actually had to teach it. I developed a greater awareness of my own physical training through the coaching of my clients. Having to articulate my understanding so others could understand, caused me to look at myself from the outside in. The reciprocal experience of student and teacher is the portal to great magic. 

Inspiring others is one of the greatest rewards. Sometimes we can save someone years of struggle with one simple insight of clarity. We all stand on the shoulders of giants and benefit from learning that has come before. We have a responsibility to improve quality by perpetuating understandings we have gleamed. The self confidence and renewed passion granted from sharing is what moves the world. Never forget your teachers great and small. Remember the value in that moment of revelation and share it.

In Positive Change,
Vandon Tricamo, Certified Personal Trainer, Moon Dragon Fitness

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”    –Vincent Van Gogh

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